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About Us


Our Customer Service

Our customer service is and will always be a priority, as we understand that our audience is passionate about coffee and shares our love for this incredible bean. All our products are tested and undergo careful quality control, and we guarantee delivery in an easy, affordable, and fast way. Our biggest concern is with you, our customer and partner, who will taste our blends and grains with great enthusiasm and return to buy again. We want to strengthen a lasting and transparent relationship, valuing quality, education, honesty, and hard work.


Top Coffee Beans
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We love coffee, making it our main product in a family company that values ​​quality above all else! Welcome to Cafe Mitra, a coffee shop based in Santa Monica offering different types of high-quality coffee blends and delicious drinks from the Central America Region. We are coffee lovers and only provide top-quality and fresh products! If you can contact us, please use the contact form, and we will reply as soon as possible!


The Best Coffee Delivered To Your Place

As lovers of good coffee, we know the importance of raw materials of excellence. Therefore, we seek to deliver to you, wherever you are, the best of the best related to coffee. Our blends and beans come from selected producers with a careful selection method, as we understand that a beautiful coffee starts in the land with exclusive care. Don’t worry; you’ll only have the trouble of preparing a delicious coffee at home or at your company – Everything else is our job and also our pleasure. It’s an honor to serve you!